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Frequently asked questions...

What is the minimum rental period?

Our minimum rental period is 1 week.


How much does it cost to store with LOCKIN?

The price you pay is determined by the size & number of  units you need. Our Box storage starts from £2 per box , per month & individual unit prices start at just £12 per week. We will always try & get you into the smallest space possible. As the rental charge is calculated according to the floor area of the storage room, the smaller the floor area the less you end up paying.


16 Sq Ft   - £12.00 per week

25 Sq Ft   - £18.00 per week

35 Sq Ft   - £20.40 per week 

50 Sq Ft   - £24.00 per week

75 Sq Ft   - £30.00 per week

100 Sq Ft - £36.00 per week

125 Sq Ft - £42.00 per week

Container Storage £33.00 per week  

Individual box storage - £2 per box per month

* all prices inclusive of VAT

Do I need my own padlock?
You can provide your own padlock or buy one from our on site box shop.

How do I pay for my unit?

We accept most major credits & debit cards, standing order or bank transfer.


What can I store?

Almost anything! But for obvious reasons, we cannot permit items that may cause harm;

  •  Explosive or hazardous goods

  •  Firearms or ammunition

  •  Toxic, pollutants or contaminated goods

  •  Combustible or flammable materials such as gas, paint, petrol, oil or solvents


We also forbid;

  • Birds, fish, animals or other live creatures

  • Food or perishable goods, unless securely packed so as to avoid infestation.

  • Illegal items – substances, stolen goods - remember the forces have statutory powers to enter and search our premises.


How & when can I access my unit?

We are respectful to our neighbours and ask that you are too, therefore access is permitted via our secure entry system during the following hours.

Out of office hours may also be available upon request.


Mon - Fri 8am -8pm

Sat - Sun 10 am - 4pm

Bank Holidays 10 am - 4pm


Do I need Insurance?

All storer's will need a valid insurance policy to be able to store with us, you can take out a policy with us when you complete your paperwork or you can provide us with a copy of your own valid certificate of insurance.

Do I need to give you notice when I leave?

We require 14 days notice of your intention of leaving, this way we are able to plan our future lets much easier.


If you have any other queries please CONTACT US


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